Frequently Asked Questions

What is a String Quartet?

A string quartet is a standard ensemble that includes 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello. It has been a favorite configuration for centuries of classical and popular music because it offers an ideal balance between high and low instruments that spans the same range as an SATB choir. Many composers have written great music specifically for the string quartet, and because of the range of instruments, arrangements of music originally written for other types of ensembles works well too. The string quartet is the number-one choice for traditional wedding music. String Trio and String Duo are also standardized ensembles. Here’s how the instrumentation of string ensembles breaks down:
String Quartet (2 violins, viola, cello)
String Trio (2 violins & cello)
String Duo (violin & cello)
String Solo (1 violin)

What do I need to do to book the Magnolia String Quartet?

To book the ensemble, email or call Ty Maisel at 601-941-8030.  Once we confirm availability, we will email you a contract immediately.  After you review and verify details of the event, mail the contract back with a $200 deposit (applied to total balance).Once we receive the contract and the deposit, your date is secured and we can begin planning the music. Payments on account can be made at any time but the remaining balance must be paid two weeks prior to the event.  

How far in advance should we book the Magnolia String Quartet?

Book as soon as you have a date set, as our schedule often gets booked as far as a year in advance for some weekends, however IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO CALL! Because of our experience, and if our schedule allows, we can provide excellent service at a moment's notice!  

Do we need to meet in person?

No, it's not necessary to meet in person.  Details such as music selection and logistics can be over the phone or by email.

When do you need a list of selected pieces?

For wedding ceremonies, we typically like to discuss the music selections a month prior to the event.  For prelude music and reception music, we make the selections for that block of time.

What time do you arrive?

Typically we arrive 45 minutes before our scheduled performance time in order to check in with the event coordinator or family, set-up, warm-up, rehearse with other musicians, if necessary and perform sound checks.

What do the musicians wear for the event?

Attire for the group is formal tuxedos or a dark suit and tie for the men and all black outfits for the women unless specified by the event coordinator. We can discuss other options to fit your aesthetic.

Do you offer assistance in choosing music selections?

Yes!  Because of our extensive experience and large music library we can offer a wide range of  both traditional and non- traditional music suggestions.

Can we make our own list of pieces from your sample repertoire list and can we include a piece that is not on your  list?

Absolutely!  We put no limitations on your choices of music and will try to arrange any selection you choose.  There are no extra fees for arranging music. However, we will give you our opinion if a selection is just not suitable for string quartet or trio (for example, a large orchestral work or some popular music by bands with a specific sound totally unlike string quartet).

Do you play outdoor events?

Yes!  Our only request when we play outdoors is to have ample covering from rain, direct sunlight and extreme temperatures (hot or cold).  Any of these elements can potentially damage classical instruments and cause them to go out tune. We suggest being creative with covering by utilizing a porch or tent.   

contact us if you have ANY additional questions   

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